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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[CONTEST] Win a Baby Bones Clothing $100 Gift Voucher

 This contest has ended.  Thanks to everyone who entered for the great comments.

In my honest opinion, there's not enough kick ass clothing out there for kid's these days. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are a lot more skulls going to elementary schools these days than in the past (my high school actually put a ban on skull tee shirts in the early 90's).  These days it's nothing to see boys and girls alike rockin' some skull wear, and this is where 'Baby Bones Clothing' comes stomping into the kick ass picture.  They want to make your kid one of the coolest in their class with an assortment of their clothing via a most generous $100 gift voucher.  Keep reading for entry info AND a discount for just Skull-A-Day readers.

"After a conversation with other alternative mothers about the lack of alternative inspired fashion available in Australia - for a reasonable price – creative mind, Jess, put together a handful of singlets and t-shirts, uploaded photos onto Facebook and thus, Baby Bones Clothing was born."

"With just 5 items available for sale, the orders started rolling in. Baby Bones Clothing was overwhelmed with orders and interest, and it was increasingly evident that this was going to grow far beyond what was originally imagined."

"Mandy joined Jess when she realized the potential that Baby Bones Clothing had. With her expertise in sewing, she was able to add a whole other dimension to the range that Baby Bones Clothing offered."

"Since the birth of Baby Bones Clothing, amazing things have come to manifest. We are growing and expanding. Our gear is in demand. Our minds are constantly filled with exciting and new ideas for our range. We are living and breathing childrens fashion! Join us in sharing Baby Bones Clothing with the world!"

PRIZE INFO: One (1) $100 gift voucher to be used for some kick ass clothing at the 'Baby Bones Clothing' web store.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us what age you think is appropriate for an introduction into skull art.  My kids have been exposed to it their whole lives so I wanna know what the rest of the world thinks.

CONTACT INFO: If you win, we need to contact you. With your comment, please include your email, or make sure your Blogger profile has a working email link for you on it. Entries are only valid with this information.

WHERE TO ENTER: All entries must be made on this blog post, on You can NOT enter this contest by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

CONTEST CLOSES: 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time Wednesday, December 5th.


PRIZE SHIPS: This contest is open to all skull lovers around the world.  Think of the children and spread the word worldwide. 

IF YOU DON'T WIN: You can always make yourself feel like a winner by purchasing your own Baby Bones gear or any of the other awesome designs in the online storeRight now Skull-A-Day readers can receive 10% off by emailing their orders to  Quote the keyword "Skull-A-Day" to make sure you get the discount.  Thanks again to Jess and the Baby Bones crew!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kid-ing Around Skulls

Today’s pair of skulls come from a brother and sister team in Avondale, PA who used pieces from a popular connecting game for an alternative artistic purpose.

First up is Ben with his yellow rendition of a skull

Followed by Ali’s pink skull creation

Gridiron C says:

In this version of the game everyone wins! We are always thrilled to have an opportunity to feature the artistic pursuits from some of our youngest fans. Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to record the final outcome of that game.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Old & School Project Skull

Chad Hoffman from Massachusetts sent us a pair of submissions.

Chad said: “This first skull was done by my 9 year old. A school art project he picked. I think its pretty cool so I wanted to share it.”

He went on to say: “This second one's story is, I had this real ‘nice’ winter car... so I decided to hit up the rust with neon green and a stencil from you at Skull-A-Day.”

Oxidized C says:

That is a awesome school project. Thank you for being a fan of the site and thinking of us. We always love to see the creations from our youngest members as well as seeing how items from the Original 365.25 continue to have their voice in our everyday lives.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Floam Skulls

J.S. Reinitz from Iowa wrote: “My son, Kaden, and wife, Julie, made skulls out of Floam. Floam was one of the media available in the craft room of the local children's art center. Kaden did the stylized one and used paper accents for teeth and nose. Julie made the 3-D skull. ”

Floatsam C says:

This is such an interesting material to work with, plastic microbeads held together with a mysterious substance that is non-toxic, creating a light-weight messy material perfect for your everyday skull needs. Thank you for sharing your creations with us.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Playground Skull

Nick Ilton from Melbourne, Australia sent us this skull piece. "Here are some photos of my little girl Lola being all cute while riding her dad's 'monster ride'. We went out and installed this in a playground at the end of our street. She eventually preferred the swings and slides."

I took this photo from his website, so you could see the spring under it that made it a ride.

These are the times that I want to be a kid again. This clearly means that we need an adult sized version of this. The style of the skull reminds me of an older cartoon, which is perfect for it's application. I'm glad this is in a park for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

[BONUS] The Gift of Skulls - Twins

I recently had a meeting with a friend of mine and his two lovely 6 year-old twin daughters Gracie and Lotti joined us. They were drawing up a storm the entire time so of course I asked them to make some pictures of skulls and skeletons for me. They graciously obliged and even gave me the drawings to keep when they were done! I love how they each had their own unique take on the skull image...

Skulls by Gracie

 Skeleton by Lotti

Thanks again Lotti & Gracie!

Friday, October 30, 2009

[BONUS] Night At The Skull Museum

This past weekend the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts hosted "Night At The Art Museum", a Halloween themed event for kids featuring spooky crafts, stories, games, and more. Even though I was away and couldn't participate in person I was glad that Skull-A-Day could still be a part of the night. A slideshow of my skulls were shown to the kids and then they were given an assortment of craft materials to make their own skulls. As usual the results were terrific...

Corinne - Age 5

Max - Age 5 1/2

Gabriel - Age 5

Colin - Age 6

Donovan - Age 3

William - Age 3

River - Age 6

Wyatt - Age 4 1/2

Carrington - Age 5

Jackson - Age 6 1/2

Nikos - Age 5

Kyah - Age 10

Ian - Age 4 1/2

Alexis - Age 6

Liam - Age 6

Caleb - Age 6

Eva - Age 8 3/4

Lulu - Age 5

Nick - Age 8

Jen - Age 38

Carla - Age 7

Annie - Age 7

Annie - Age 7

Felix - Age 8

Jeremiah - Age 7

Greta - Age 5

Carla - Age 7 & Mariel

Amena - Age 12

Shoa - Age 9


Thanks to all the kids (little and big) for participating and Megan for suggesting that Skull-A-Day be a part of the event! And hey, if your own little ones make some skulls this Halloween (or anytime really) do send them in!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

[BONUS] Silly Rabbit, Skulls Are For Kids!

A grand time was had by all of the kids (young and old) who came out this past Saturday for the skull craft event at Quirk Gallery. A table of craft materials was placed in the middle of the space, where my show After Life is currently on display, and the participants were told there were no rules, just be inspired and use the materials how they saw fit. Parents and children alike made skulls (usually more than one) and everyone left smiling.

Here are just a few of the great pieces that were created...

Also Virginia S. Carpenter brought by this beautiful lace skull she made titled "Art Imitates After Life". She was inspired to create it by a previous visit to my show and she even stuck around the event to make some more skulls with the craft materials we provided!

Lots more pictures from the event can be seen HERE.

Don't forget you only have until August, 22nd to After Life in person! Quirk gallery is open 10-5 M-F and 11-4 Saturdays. Our next & last scheduled event is a Tea Party this coming Saturday from 2-4pm.