Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Skull-a-bration Book Special


Don't miss out on a chance to get the Skull-A-Day book (featuring all 365 of the original skulls, plus bonus images and an introduction from the curator of the Mütter Museum) in combination with the new book about the value of creative practice I wrote with my sister: Creative Sprint, at a special discount price of just $30! That's $13 off the combined cover price!

This special deal is only available from Chop Suey Books during the 10th anniversary Skull-a-bration (which ends July 5th!), so don't wait, ORDER TODAY! 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Skull Appreciation Day!

10 years ago today, I made a tiny orange paper skull that started a chain reaction that completely transformed my life! 

The Skull-A-Day project was a simple idea, meant to boost me out of a creative rut that I'd fallen into. I never expected it would lead me to a new career, opportunities to travel the world, multiple book deals, opportunities to show my art in museums and galleries internationally, and even a visit to The Martha Stewart show. I still get opportunities almost daily related to the project. 10 years of dividends on a 1 year investment is pretty amazing. All of this is the reason I consistently encourage others to take on the daily creative challenge. Even as small a commitment as 30-days is enough to create major changes in people's lives.

Please join me in celebrating our craniums today by taking a moment to do one little creative act and sharing it with the world, you never know where it will lead!

If you're a longtime fan of the project I'd love to hear from you below (when did you find it? how did it inspire you?).

If you're up for a bigger challenge why not make your own 30-days of skulls starting today. If you share it with the #CreativeSprint & #SkullADay hashtags I'll track you down and give you a prize!

Also if you haven't picked up a copy of the Skull-A-Day book, featuring all 365 of the original skulls, plus a great essay from the Mütter Museum's curator Anna Dhody, now would be a good time, as the publisher Chop Suey Books is offering it in combination with the new book I wrote with my sister Creative Sprint for a massive discount! Get it HERE

p.s. I'll be re-sharing the first 30 days of the project, starting today on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter