Friday, February 29, 2008

271. Egg Skull 2 A.K.A. Evil Egg 2: Egg by Dawn

Bleach Painting on Ink Covered Organic Free-Range Egg. The technique was inspired by The Skull Project, a fantastic public art project from a few years ago.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

270. Matzo Skull A.K.A. The Skull of Affliction

Carved Matzo (Matza, Matzah, Matzoh, etc.) Bread (6in x 7in [15cm x 18cm]). If you're not familiar with this item you can learn about it here. It's a little early for this, but I found it in the markdown bin of a local grocery store yesterday, which I guess means it must be nearly a year old!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

267. Skull Chain (Gang)

Arranged Bicycle Chain (unfolded length 51in [1.3m). This was so satisfying to play with I decided to try out a few variations!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

266. Chess Skull

Arranged Chess Pieces. Thanks to Christi for suggesting this one and providing the chess set! I think it helps to see this one from a bit of a distance:

P.S. 99 to go!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Braincase XXX (that's just a 30, so don't worry it's still work safe!)

A super size serving of submissions from hither and yon:
(received 1/14 - 1/20)

Drew spotted this fantastic motorcycle while on vacation in Cozumel, Mexico!

My friend Peter, discovered this cut bit of graffiti in his London neighborhood!

Moose found this great embroidery detail from a piece by Richard Saja on Neatorama!

Mark Conahan pointed out this wonderful piece by markkilner!

My friend Phyllis spotted this incredible simulacra in Puerto Rico...

...and this T-shirt too!

Z showed off this fine cyanotype! He says it was, "done with photography, photocopies, collage, drawing and some other stuff I can't remember."

Josh in Woonsocket, RI shared two terrific pieces he created!

Shawn Hebrank, who works at Identity Tattoo in Maple Grove, MInnesota, showed off this wicked tattoo he created!

April found a sneaky skull hiding on this crucifix from Shipwreck Beads.

S got these nifty pieces from an antique store in Las Cruces, NM as an anniversary gift from her husband! She says, "I think it is my most romantic anniversary gift he ever gave me ."

Lex10 pointed out this spiffy free(!) wooden air freshener at AJ-Tuning!

Mike sent this awesome photo!

Eris pointed out the jumbo collection of skull images at!

Tatman found this terrific simulacra in Antarctica on Google Earth! He says, "It's actually landscape that has been carved by a river, but you can definitely see what Mother Nature intended. I cropped the photo and labeled it so it would be easier for your readers to see. If your readers want the coordinates to look it up themselves here they are: 70°41′08.14″S 68°43′31.46″E"

JR Holther in Valencia, CA let me know about this CD cover for his favorite band Burning Brides!

Tim found this awesome condensation simulacra by eatmyphotos on Flickr!

Kim Markworth took this cool pic at the Rock & Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C....

found this neat sticker of Numbskull from Word of Mouse Games....

and got this superb doll from Morbid Tendencies as a gift!

My friend Julien managed to find yet another batch of cool skulls in Istanbul!

Jake discovered this lovely piece inside the mosque-cathedral in Cordoba, Spain!

Kacey Gibson showed off her superb makeup job, which she did for a MAC makeup contest! [So, did you win?!?]

Marcus Shannon from Culver, IN did a bang up job replicating my 8x8 skull!

Barb H. in New York showed off this sweet drawing done in her Halloween figure drawing class! In her words, " I was bored with our nude model, so I drew this skull which was being used as a prop."

Calamity Kim shared the fantastic "Little Dead Ragdolls" of her friend Amanda Button-Bray!

Mike O'Connor discovered these dapper cuff-links at Hasker in Brooklyn!

Mim showed off her sister Eilene's nice skeleton collection! She says, "the tall lady with the long coat came from a mexican gallery in LA that had lots of day of the dead items...The teeny lady with the dog came from a gumball machine in LA, it was 50 cents...The skull with the screws in it's head was from a Halloween shop, purchased to be part of a costume."

My friend Phil made "21 gun skullute" for me using crossed guns for Civil War style kepis from his job at Pamplin Historical Park!

Alex Davis discovered this wily fellow hiding on the lid of his nephew's wooden shapes box!

Patrina made this fun image! She says, "The skull was actually drawn hastily on a post-it note with White-Out Correction Tape and then scanned into photoshop elements. It was fun. Thanks for inspiring me."

Thanks again everyone!

To submit your own skull art, visit the submission page HERE.

265. Bicyskull

Arranged assorted bicycle parts. Thanks to Kenny for suggesting this one, lending me the parts, and helping out on the shoot!

Skull-A-Day Music

Be sure to check out the new music player I've just added to the side bar. It allows you to play most of the winning entries from the Skull-A-Day theme song contest (back in September) as well as a few bonus tracks. Lyrics, downloadable MP3s, and Videos for many of the songs can be found HERE.

Skull-A-Dance Winner #10!

Congratulations to Sara, whose Skull-A-Dance video jet├ęs into the 10th winning slot! Thanks again to everyone who submitted videos! And hey, if you have one in the works, go ahead and send it in anyway and I'll get you a runner up prize!

Friday, February 22, 2008

264. Bullet Skull

Arranged Assorted Live 9mm Cartridges (12in [30.5cm] x 12in [30.5cm]). A big thanks to Russ for giving me access to his ammo dump.

Skull-A-Dance Winner #9

Congratulations to Michelle for her swingin' 9th Skull-A-Dance winning video! There's only 1 prize left, so grab the instructions HERE and boogaloo!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

263. Drilled Skull

Holes Drilled in Plywood (10in [25cm] x 16in [40.5cm]).

[UPDATE] Mr. Potato Skull - 1 Day Old

Here's yesterday's skull a mere 24+ hours later!

Skull-A-Day Press: Family Living Magazine

Skull-A-Day featured in Sweden's Family Living Magazine under Isabelles List.

In Family Living Magazine

Skull-A-Dance Winner #8

Congratulations to Maria & Daniel from Germany who are the 8th Skull-A-Dance winners, with their classy ballroom entry! There are just 2 prizes left, so grab the instructions HERE and cut a rug!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Skull-A-Day Press: Driven By Boredom

Thanks to my friend Igor over at Driven By Boredom for the nice post about Skull-A-Day. He dropped by the other night and photographed me at work and with some of my growing skull collection! See the full post HERE.
February 20, 2008

262. (Alas, poor Mr.) Potato Skull

Carved Organic Potato.