Thursday, July 14, 2022

Skull-A-Day NFT Collection launches today!

 I'm excited to announce the release of all 366 of my original Skull-A-Day skulls as NFTs today!

This project has been months in the making and as of Noon Eastern Time the public is invited to mint their skulls on the special site we built for the project:


If you've been following this project since the beginning the site might look familiar as it was based on the layout of this blog way back in 2008. Look in the sidebar for some fun easter eggs in the form of the original blogroll (sorry the links don't work). 

I'd love to see what skulls you get, so be sure to share and tag me (@NoahScalin on IG & Twitter) and use the #skulladay hashtag! And of course please help me spread the word!

 Thanks for continuing to support me and this project on its 15th(!) anniversary!

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Skull-A-Day NFT Collection Coming Soon

Happy Skull Appreciation day!

Today is also the 15th anniversary of the Skull-A-Day project!

To celebrate I'm releasing an NFT collection of the entire project all 366 original skulls (it was a leap year!) will be available on Thursday, July 7th. 

Stay tuned for updates! If you want to be the first to know about the launch sign up via the project website at

Monday, February 14, 2022

Patreon-Exclusive: Skull Print Special Offer!

I'm celebrating my fifth year on Patreon this month!  
In honor of this milestone, I'm running a special offer for new and existing patrons! Starting today if you pledge $10 or more you'll get a limited edition print of my piece #Still_Life. This archival 9 x 9 in. print is signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. In addition you'll become part of my exclusive Team Art community of supporters who get access to content available nowhere else. Folks who pledge $25 or more will also get a surprise item of my choice from my archive! This special offer will be available to claim only until MIDNIGHT Eastern Time on Monday, February 28th.
Why sign up to be my supporter on Patreon?
Patreon is a way for creators to make more meaningful direct relationships with fans of their work. As the social media landscape becomes more fractured and difficult to navigate I'm putting my focus on sharing my process and inspiration with my supporters through this more intimate platform. On my Patreon page I have an exclusive feed, where you get behind-the-scenes look at the work I'm making as well as other content available nowhere else!

Here's what one of my supporters had to say about her experience: 

“I’ve been following Noah since his Skull-A-Day website days, and it’s wonderful to continue to access his art through Patreon. I really enjoy seeing and reading about his creative process, but seeing Noah’s art installed is the biggest thrill. It removes that feeling of distance and disappointment that I am never likely to see his art work in the flesh, when I can interact with Noah and his work online.”

– Beck Archer
Don't miss out on this limited time offer, find out more HERE.