Sunday, September 30, 2007

119. (Gleaming The) Skull Cube

Papier-mâché and Acrylic (3" x 3" x 3"). A prototype for my entry in the ThinkSmall4 exhibition, which features only work that is 3" x 3" (x 3" if it's sculptural) or smaller. Rather than just do a miniature skull, I wanted to compress one as if it's been squeezed into a cube.

UPDATE: Per request here it is with a Quarter for scale...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

118. Skull Chair A.K.A. (Very) Skair(y)

Chair Cut with Scroll Saw. There's a hole in my front yard right now so clearly I needed to stick a skull chair in it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I originally wanted to make this out of one of the chairs in my parent's house, but for some reason they wouldn't let me cut up their furniture!

Braincase XI: Doublewide

Getting caught up after not doing a Braincase last week, so here's a double dose of skull submissions for you:

Shawn Shotzberger made this really nifty coconut noodle bowl and stand! In his words, "Two of the tripod legs house skull-topped bamboo chopsticks, and the third has a skull that screams in agony because it is permanantly affixed and cannot partake of delicious Pad Thai!"

Carl carved these lovely driftwood skulls while on vacation at the beach!

Wiseblood found this eerie graffiti in a bathroom stall! And also asks "can you find the skull?" in this recent BlogBlog post (WARNING: before you show your kids, this is a naughty, but not naked, image).

Slow Motion Quick Thinking pointed out these amazing used chewing gum skulls by Dutch artist Anno Dijkstra and also told me this spooky story (with accompanying illustration): "A couple of years ago I had just gotten my driver's license and so I went on a road-trip to France. On the way back I drove all night and I became rather tired. It was raining very badly and many of France's highways have no street lanterns. In short, I was a tired, unexperienced driver and the rain allowed only a few yards of sight. All of a sudden a white van was driving in front of me and stayed there for hours. It looked like there was a skull floating in the complete darkness in front of me. It turned out it wasn't the bad omen it looked to be - I didn't dare to overtake it - and I came home safe and a better driver."

Carol spotted this cool skull graffiti while participating in the Vancouver Zombie Walk!

Logan's wife made this awesome pirate flag with bleach!

Laura's daughter took this great picture of a mosaic possibly from the House of the Faun, Naples Musem.

Mim sent along this cute found image.

Andi from Germany had this old Grateful Dead tape in his basement!

Bassem B. pointed out the skull whistle by Michael Renouf from his illustration blog Non-Stick Plans. (Don't worry Bassem, Michael gave permission to use this!)

Andy spotted this scary skull while rock climbing in Conyonlands National Park!

Christine spotted this nifty bit of graffiti in NYC.

Astrid photographed this amazing sunlight refraction coming from a wine glass!

BorkMadjai spotted this frighteningly tattooed fellow Rick Genest.

Scott showed off his spiffy business card holder and mask!

Todd painted this rock at the Zombie Con camping trip, it says "abandon everything"!

Seamus recommends the skeletally themed book Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.

Tami pointed out the awesome work of Hoogerbrugge. For more check out this cool animated illustration (with sound) at de Volkskrant and this video for The Young Punx:

Despite his expression, John said he loved his new T-Skull!

Wolfgang from St. Pauli shared his terrific painting which he made on top on an old print.

Jeff found this awesome image at Pictures of Walls.

Graham made this great paper clip skull!

Arbyn told me about the Tenochtitlan Wall of Skulls!

According to AP this creepy skull emerged on its own in his americano!

Antoine discovered this amazing skull while making crepes! And also shared this great vintage Russian image.

Lila pointed out these great couple of fashion items: The Dead line of clothes and the work of Dada's Diamonds both via Life Is Carbon .

K shared this lovely photo.

Laura reminded us about the work of Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, whose Day of The Dead prints should be familiar with anyone who loves Mexican culture.

Artist Charles Oliver said this skulltastic piece, called "All Hallows," is dedicated to Skull-A-Day!

Jenny Campbell was the first of a few folks to point out the awesome work of Kako Ueda. Thanks to Chris, Karen, and Jenn for telling me about it as well!

My friend Leah made this awesome Zen garden skull at work on the last day of her job before being fired (not for making skulls though)!

Shawn from MAKE magazine pointed out this keen illustration from a recent New Republic article.

Artist Harry Lane shared two of his excellent paintings!

Chip spotted these pirate-y cigar bands in Colorado!

Arbyn Incubus pointed out these awesome classic works by Salvador Dali.

Jodie Scott-Reed was delighted to share her new tattoo designed by her sister Jessica and created by Dom Holmes at The Family Business in London.

La Chica de Potedaia made this cute skull with water, salt and flour and painted it with black nail polish!

Rachel and Spike spotted this awesome door knob in NYC (I saw it on one of my last trips as well and it appears to be the entrance to a health club!).

Kim made this nice skull from Settlers of Catan playing pieces!

Nick shared this cool poster designed by Jordan Butcher and printed by Patent Pending Industries for an Explosions In The Sky gig in Seattle.

 was the first of a few folks to point out this incredible jumbo doily skull by artist Hildur Bjarnadottir. Thanks to Moose and Joshua as well.
UPDATE: Monster Maniac was actually the first to mention this in a post comment!


And last, but not least, I recently got two terrific packages in the mail from readers!...

First was an envelope of goodies made by crafter extraordinaire Gillian McMurray in Scotland who used one of my skulls to make a rubber stamp. The resulting items are impeccably done!

And song contest winner B13 sent me a super cool matching belt buckle and money clip that he couldn't resist!

Thanks again everyone for your terrific submissions! I love getting these daily skull surprises.
If you want to submit your own found/made skulls use the address in the upper right hand corner of the site.