Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ceramic Skulls

Ceramic Artist Lisa McPike Smith of Hep Cat Artworks, told us: "I have been a long time fan of Skull-A-Day since I started my 'career' making and selling skull beads in college so I could afford art supplies. The trend has not died yet and my skull items continue to be my top sellers. I did a 7 deadly sins series of which I have shared and one is a piece that came directly out of a pit-firing and is still in the ash."

C. Williams says:

It is wonderful yo see that you have a unique styled skull that you are able to incorporate into some of your work.  I am especially fond of the picture you created with the multiple parts, it reminds me of some sort of backdrop mock-up for a movie that could be taken away or added to tell the story.  Thank you for sending your work to us to share and for being a member of the Skull-A-Day community.


S Lawrence said...

this is quite artistic and really great!

S Lawrence said...

This is really superb. The last photo of the colage is something I would hang in my home!