Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Simulacra - Version 7.2

Bernard Fierro sent us this amazing find

Anonymous told us: "I noticed this by accident and felt it was 'a must.' It is embedded in concrete at the building where I work- been walking past it every day for nearly ten years!  However because of the nature of my work I can not identify either myself or the place any further."

Derailed Cherry #17  from Deadly Rival Roller Derby told us: " I found this rock at the Dunedin Causeway, in St. Petersburg, Fl when my son was down visiting me."

Hard Headed C says:

Thank you all for this new batch of your many wonderful finds.  As we get lucky year 7.0 underway, it is wonderful to be able to feature one of the most popular forms in which our readers find simulacra.

Keep sending those pictures in, we always love seeing what our simulacra hunters find. Anyone is welcomed to participate, it's fun and it's easy- if you see a simulacra skull, photograph it and send those pictures in to our submissions address with a little something about what it is really and maybe a little about you.

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