Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Simulacra - Version 7.9

This week's simulacra were found on the ground.

Danette Pratt works with Marie Graham at Ohio University. Danette explained that "Marie routinely walks her creek beds and washes on her property here in southeastern Ohio. Then she brings her finds into the office to show and tell...usually flint arrow heads and spear points, interesting rocks and tumbled glass pieces." In June Marie brought in this "pebble skull", and granted Danette permission to photograph it and submit it us.

Tamela Nagy found this skull shell on Grandview Beach, in Carlsbad, CA.

Denis Fontaine received this skull rock from a friend. They found it in their yard.

Keep sending those pictures in, we always love seeing what our skull hunters find. Anyone is welcomed to participate, it's fun and it's easy. If you see a simulacra skull, photograph it and send those pictures in to our submissions address with a little something about what it is really and maybe a little about you.

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