Saturday, February 15, 2014

Super Sharp Skull Saturday

This collection of wonderfully made knife handle inlays is courtesy of Hal Henderson.  These magnificent looking pieces of wood are handcrafted and then mounted to various blades.  The true work comes in the inlays and the choice of woods to use.  The right combination of woods will help to enhance the overall color scheme of the piece just as painters would mix their colors.  A durable piece of art to be handled with care.  Thanks for sharing these, Hal!
*all logos are copyrighted

Marvel Comics' "The Punisher"
East Indian Rosewood/Spalted Mape
Cocobolo/Spalted Maple

Laci Szabo Design Logo
Ziricote/Spalted Maple

Starlingear Skull Bead - "Bullet Tooth"

The Offspring Band Logo
Cocobolo/Spalted Maple

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