Saturday, March 8, 2014

Super Sugarskills Saturday

Today's super set of super sugar skulls come from Izzy Cammareri and Lynsey Morgann Laurence. Recently,the girls were featured at a showing at BrickLane Annex Gallery in London. I love the background bio that they included:

"Izzy Cammareri and Lynsey Morgann Laurence met whilst studying Illustration under Bill Wright at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Between them they have resided in London, Hong-Kong and Australia. A global alliance; when unable to work together they share and plan ideas online. Exhibiting throughout London, in recent years they have forged the art and illustration company; Sugarskills.

Isabella and Lynsey devise sugar skull designs that have the dreams, desires and demons of a departed soul painted and collaged across the forehead. Based on no one person, each skull asks the onlooker to play the part of both dream interpreter and forensic anthropologist. Once engaged with the subject you are challenged to solve some part of it’s identity; to decipher the complex and detailed story of it’s perpetual life. Both mysterious and evocative, disturbing and comical, each skull holds a labyrinth of symbols and imagery that beckons the audience into a wonderland of cavernous questions and profound discoveries.

Together the girls of “Sugarskills” take the totem metaphor of death and dance with it. Their work is a series of appositions; chaotic but ordered; moribund but hopeful; as wise as it is immature. Each canvas is celebratory, mischievous, calculating; sentimentally childish and unapologetically spirited. Impishly waltzing through layers of creativity like a pair of rogue opportunists; Izzy and Lynsey pick up the bare bones of life and puckishly paint them into a myriad of Mexicana colours. With every stroke they dare the on-looker to come and play with them."

Thanks for helping to make this Saturday super skullified, Isabella and Lynsey!


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