Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[NEWS] Skull-A-Day App Announcement! (April Fools 2014)

I'm very excited to finally reveal our latest project: the Skull-A-Day: Skullify Me app for smart phones!

For the last year, in partnership with our friend Wenchkin AKA Carolyn Curtis we've been secretly developing the perfect app for lovers of skulls – and in a few more months it will finally be in your favorite app store for download!

The app's simple function is to take any photo of a person and transform it into a sugar skull style illustration, based on a revolutionary intuitive custom art algorithm. The resulting image can then be shared on your favorite social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Myspace, and Friendster.

The reason we're unveiling it now, before it's officially available is to give you the Skull-A-Day fans a chance to add your input and have a say in the final product! Would you use this app? How much would you pay for it? What features should we add? Please take a moment and let us know what you think in the comments section. And we'll let you know as soon as the app is available!

[UPDATE] APRIL FOOLS! Sorry there's no app that can create the amazing artwork of Wenchkin automatically, but if you're nice to her she might make one of these by hand for you! 


Unknown said...

Looks cool! Are there options to post the pic straight to blogger, tumblr, facespace? Can I save it to my smartphone? I'd pay 99 cents for it right off.

VisualDeyana said...

I am totally going to 'steal' the idea since it is not an app already and make it into a lesson for my students with sharpie!