Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nightly Owl Skull

Tanya Green of Fredericksburg, Virginia shared this lovely image from her yearlong daily project
The Gnome's Studio...Home of The Nightly Owl. She explains, "I am currently on my own 365 journey of nightly owls. Thanks to Noah, and finally making a commitment to creativity, I have been using the prompts from his book 365 A Daily Creativity Journal every night since October 2, 2013 to create...well...something owl-esque. Last night was Day 244: Get Framed. Instead of going literal, I decided to create the framework of an owl...the skull. The image attached was created with oil pastels on black paper."

1 comment:

Erica M Harvey said...

Love the inspiration for owls, the connect with women wisdom nights and our moon driven sex. Perfect woman project and you skull is a great painting. Thanks for sharing this.