Monday, March 2, 2015

[BONUS] Skeleton Damask Stencil

 My Skeleton Damask pattern is now available as a DIY PDF download!

To make the repeat pattern you'll need to make two copies of this stencil and reverse one of them. For doing an entire room I recommend two sets of the finished stencils so that they can be alternated while they dry.  

It's Creative Commons licensed so you can use it for any personal projects, but if you want to sell it please get in touch first! Also please send me an image of the end results so I can share it. Have fun!


Bird on A Wire said...

HI! Your Skeleton Stencil is AMAZING! Thank you for posting it for download! I would LOVE to use this!

What do you recommend to print it on? Or Do you attach them to something for durability?

You don't happen to sell these already printed on proper material, do you? :)

Thank you!

Noah said...

Thanks! I recommend using a thin plastic material as the base. Large sheets of acrylic are available in most art stores. I actually had my own sets made by a lasercutter so they would be more precise. I'm sorry they're not for sale anywhere currently, but if/when they are I'll share that here.

Miwako chan said...

Thanks for sharing! It's amazing!