Sunday, December 2, 2007

Braincase XIX

Another heapin' helpin' of submissions from 'round the globe...
(received 10/22 - 10/28)

Alison discovered this keen architectural detail on a trip to Berlin.

Patti spotted this awesome sculpture at the Maker Faire Austin 2007 via the Laughing Squid Flickr group.

Luigi, a Brazilian artist, showed off his lovely work!

Ellen Bloom's friend bought this cute pendant by Cheri Pann at the Mosaic House in Venice, California.

My friend Karen pointed out this excellent carving over

Artist Arthur Hash showed off his cool sticker installation! He also has some awesome skull stuff for sale too.

Moose spotted this nice skull & bones eraser set for sale....

 this fun cartoon over at the rut...

....he was also the first to point out this astounding timepiece that belonged to Mary Queen of Scots over at The Watchismo Times (thanks to Chris for pointing this one out as well).

 well as a whole passel of sweet skulls at

...and finally he was the first to spot the absolutely incredible op-art poster by Julien Notter & Sebastien Vigne via Ectoplasmosis. (Thanks also to Sarah, Christopher, Gerd, jqmark, Kim, Shauna, Chaely, and Howlin' Hobbit for letting me know about it as well!). If anyone knows how to buy a copy of this poster (or would like to send me one) I would love, love, love a copy!

Monster Maniac shared two terrific book covers from her collection, including one illustrated by the inimitable Edward Gorey!

Bfried added a reference to Skull-A-Day in the Skull entry on Wikipedia, but sadly it didn't last long. Anyone feel like making a separate Skull-A-Day entry you're welcome to do it!

WB shared some delicious looking cupcakes!

Steve Crisapulli found this creepy skull on his beer glass!

Julien (of the recent guest posts) spotted this superb work by artists Piotr Uklanski and Kendell Geers.

Chris Rushing made this great pumpkin carving pattern!

Jesse used this scary skull for a friend's band logo and shared this nifty crystal skull, in his words, "there are suposed to be 13 crystal skulls so far five of which have been found. There are no machine marks or hand carving marks which means that the skulls shouldn't even exist. the skulls are made out of quartz crystals which are used to store memory for computers on one of the computer boards the little shiny dots are quartz so if that little amount can store so much imagine how much a crystal skull could hold. it is supposed to hold info that will save the world when it is time."

J made this terrific illustration!

My friend Dave Witte showed off his incredible custom drum kit he uses in his bands Municipal Waste & Burnt By The Sun. The kit is from Trick Drums and the illustration is by John Dyer Baizley.

Lex van de Oudeweetering spotted some awesome historical illustrations over at BibliOdyssey.

daffdaff let me know about German rapper Sido, who frequently wears a skull mask!

Zélia, a Brazilian living in Lisbon, showed off her terrific tattoo by Felipe Loko!

Jason got this tee-shirt at a recent fashion show.

Lisa did an excellent job using the skull stencil to make a jack-o-lantern at a carving party. One of her friends even made a cool pirate ship with a skull and crossbones sail!

Shukgirl pointed out this nice vintage pin on ebay.

Augustin Dominguez spotted this lovely building detail in Venice!

Matt Mason shared this nifty Creative Commons licensed logo for his new book on cultural/media piracy (and its potential for good) The Pirate's Dilemma! The logo was created by Ji Lee and is available as a free downloadable AI file to remix yourself HERE.

Gary C shared his super spiffy holiday decorations!

Bonnie-Ann Black snapped a picture of this graffiti around 12th Ave/23rd St in NYC while riding by in the back of a taxi!

The mysterious Citizen Agent did a nice job of making the Skull Mask to go over/under his existing masks.

Graeme Dunstan let me know about the impressive APEC Ghost Dance in Sydney, Australia.

Sharlene spotted this skullicious cake in the window of a North Beach bakery in San Francisco, CA.

Russ took this awesome photo of an unidentified biker in southern Oregon specifically with Skull-A-Day in mind!

Thai artist S. Cherdpong made an incredible new skin for the Papercraft Skull which you can download(PDF) and make as well!

Matt found this spectacular 3-D animated fire skull at, be sure to click the link and move it with your mouse.

Chris spotted another amazing time piece over at The Watchismo Times.

My friend Eric shared this pic of a cute skeleton named Manny taken by his friend Jason at a Ten Thousand Villages shop in Canada.

Slim Palmer spotted this image of the Skull Room from the 13th Gate Haunted House theme park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana via the Telegraph.

Claire Chauvin shared this amazing sock monkey-style skeleton she made as well as her spiffy egg skull tree!

Betsy Busby made this terrific quilt!

Mary discovered this excellent simulacra at Wild Cat Den State Park in Muscatine, Iowa!

Eric shared a lovely pumpkin carving!

Chenry got these candies from his friend's Candy of The Month Club!

My friends Mady and Phil discovered this neato skully construction vehicle in Chester, Virginia!

My friend Rob noticed a creepy second skull in the Balloon Skull photo!

Ken pointed out a handy sugar skull making tutorial at These Foolish Things via Boing Boing.

Christina Cox in Omaha, Nebraska made this nifty coffee ground skull after discovering the eye-like spots left when the water dripped through!

Allison let me know about the remarkable March of a Thousand Flaming Skeletons organized by The Flaming Lips as part of the Ghouls Gone Wild parade in Oklahoma City.

DT made this lovely pencil drawing!

Mehagian did an awesome job of carving a pumpkin using my Quoth The Skull... art!

B13 shared this image of himself in his spiffy skeletal hoodie!

Finally I got several great gifts recently:

My friend Grá sent this amazing light-up(!) ring and included a note with custom made skull stamp image!

My friend Phil sent a bunch of fun skully stuff!

And the mysterious "Citizen Agent" left a lovely holiday gift at my door!
Thanks again everyone!

Submit your own found/made skulls at the address in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Please be patient it will take around 5-6 weeks for new submissions to be posted. Be sure to include what name and link you would like included and if you found it online a link to the source as well. Also if you're sending tattoos be sure to include the artist's name and location, so we can give them proper credit. I won't repost items I've received before so be sure to check previous Braincase posts.

Don't forget you can see your items in the sidebar right away if you post them to Flickr and include the tag "skulladay".


Howlin' Hobbit said...

Geez. I sent in the op-art skull poster too and didn't even get a mention.

I'm crushed, crushed I tell you!

Interestingly, the other folks found it via a different path. The architecture of the Weird Wide Web strikes again.

Noah said...

Oh no, sorry Howlin' Hobbit! I try to keep track of these things, but sometimes they slip through. I'll rectify the post shortly!

Howlin' Hobbit said...

Thanks! Guess I should tease bloggers more often... it gets me links. ;-)