Sunday, January 13, 2008

Braincase XXV

Beaucoup worldwide submissions! (received 12/2 - 12/9)

Birdsong and a friend made this amazing piece for a sandcastle contest in April of 2006! Sadly they didn't win.

Brian Roach, who works at Spin, a bike shop in Ohio, found this awesome simulacra while unpacking boxes!

Ria spotted this great teapot by Dragoncat on Etsy!

Carol sent these fun pictures of decorations and her daughters hand from a trip to Disneyland during a Dia de Los Muertos celebration there!

Didi sent this nifty image!

Keltie shared these terrific Mexican sugar skull inspired masks she made! She was also inspired by Skull-A-Day to start her own "A Day" project! Be sure to check out 365 Masks which she started on January 1st, she's made some really amazing work already!

Griff, who works in Urgent care in Juneau, Alaska, shared this nifty image which he used for his first skull tattoo!

Mogy in Australia showed of his fantastic airbrush works!

Chuck spotted these lovely (but very expensive) scarves in Dublin, Ireland!

Patti pointed out these incredible needlefelting pieces by Stephanie Metz!

Pablo showed off his cute "Violet"!

My friend Sarah found this pretty Skullerfly necklace by Claire Storrow at No-One!

Suzanne in Salem, MA shared some of her terrific "nutskull" illustration series!

Mutant Slave pointed out the fantastic dancing puppet at RavensBlight. Be sure to explore their full range of free papercraft toys!

Robin, a graphic designer in Paris, made this nifty piece!

Jim Reynolds found these great hand-painted ornaments by akyramoto on eBay!

Martini missed out on this keen carved piece on eBay!

Cheryl's co-worker Rebecca made these fabulous cupcakes for her birthday!

Samantha, an osteologist(!), made these wonderful pieces!

Denis Fontaine, an art teacher, sent in this fine work by one of his students!

Moose showed off the fun work of Igor Siwanowicz!

Philippe Comtesse made this awesome "skullpture" using my Cocoa Stencil! The piece, titled "About the process" , is made with concrete powder and water and he says he hopes to make it part of his graduation exhibition!

My friend Jackie sent this fantastic photo of her son Dagan dressed as a skull pirate!


A huge thanks to Larry Pierson of Pearson Metal Art who made this simply gorgeous set of skulls for me out of 1/8in. steel using my Cocoa Stencil!

Thanks again everyone!


You are welcome to submit your own found/made skulls at the address in the upper right-hand corner of the site. But please read the following FIRST:

1. Be sure to include your name as you would like it to appear on the site.
2. Let me know if there is a website you would like YOUR name linked to.
3. I would prefer if you made or took the images yourself.
4. If you find the image online you MUST do the following or it will not be included:
  • Do NOT send just a direct link to an image file (jpeg, gif, png, etc.).
  • Attach the actual image in the e-mail.
  • Give the name of the original artist (and a link to that artists' work if available).
  • Provide a link to a web page where the art came from (if it wasn't directly from the artist's site)
5. If you are sending an image of your own tattoos be sure to include the artist's name, location, and website (if available) so I can give them proper credit.
6. I won't repost items I've received before so be sure to check previous Braincase posts.
7. Please be patient it will take around 5-6 weeks for new submissions to be posted.
8. Don't forget you can see your items in the sidebar right away if you post them to Flickr and include the tag "skulladay".


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Kim said...

Damn! Xmas is over... I will have to get/make some of those ornament for next year.