Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nori + Hellboy Skulls

Two great submissions from the Edmunds clan:
Here are a skull made from nori (dried seaweed, a favorite snack at our house) by my daughter Sarah, age 9. She actually made it using her teeth.
Also, here is a skull drawn with colored pencil by Shelby (who did the apple skull you posted a while back), age 12. She based it on a skull she saw in an issue of Hellboy by Mike Mignola.

I know you’re getting swamped with submissions, but the girls really love your blog and ask me every day to see the new skull! I really admire you for keeping this up for so long. It’s been a good lesson for the girls (and me!) in creativity and perseverance.

Tracy Edmunds
Yorba Linda, CA


PrixMadonna said...

What geat, creative submissions.

Awesome to start them young!

mim said...

I, too, love that young people are part of this. You set a good example, Noah, for others to be creative and, not only that, public with their work.