Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Skull Patterns

M Ryan Taylor of American Fork, Utah made this excellent tessellating block print collage called "Bats 'n Skulls"...

And Dave Hull of Marblehead, Massachusetts made this lovely piece with a subtle skull in it called "Pretty Butterfiles"...


Christine said...

I really like the tessellation piece. What are the mediums used in these?

M Ryan Taylor said...

Thanks for posting my piece and thanks Sam's mistress for the comment.

The blockprint has a pattern of four skulls and and four bats - I printed a bunch of these with different colored blockprint inks on white paper and then cut them out, joining them together with glue dots.

I mounted the completed paper sculpture onto foam board and then painted on it with block print inks dilluted with water to create the large skull. I also distressed it with brushes and inks. Lastly I sealed it with acrylic sealer.

You can see closeups of this work in this gallery:

All the best,