Thursday, November 13, 2008

SKULLS events: Seattle, Washington

Good news for West Coast folks I am scheduled to do a SKULLS book signing at Seattle's mega craft fair Urban Craft Uprising in December. Details are as follows...

Urban Craft Uprising
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Saturday, December 6th, book signing 2-3pm
Sunday, December 7th, book signing 4-5pm

I will have books for sale there, so please come get a copy (or three) and help me recoup the cost of making the trip (yep, no glamorous author tour for me!). Please spread the word!


r4kk4 said...

HOORAY!! i almost screamed when rick told me about this!

ucu is HUUUUUGE! you're going to be signing *so* many books!

can't wait to see you at the uprising!

Citizen Agent said...

Thrifty C said:

Why not start a donation collection through Paypal. Not only would we have to fun of giving, but we can also feel good when helping you reach the goal. If I give can I have a membership card for discounts off future merchandise?

Noah said...

Funny you should mention that C, I was actually just now considering the whole donation thing. Need to spend more time figuring out how it might work. I'm definitely open to suggestions on this.