Friday, December 5, 2008

[CONTEST] Skull Tattoo

Katrina, a fan of Skull-A-Day in North Carolina, got in touch with me a little while back with an interesting proposal and thought the Skull-A-Day community could help her!

She says:
I want to get a skull tattoo, but I don't want just any skull tattoo. I want something that will reflect my personality: girly goth, fun, creative, crafty (in a good way), kind, family-oriented, silly...blah blah blah. Thinking maybe a filigree skull? Day of the Dead-esque but not so cartoony? I have no idea!
I plan on having the tat done on my right shoulder/upper arm, think the "ball" of my shoulder with chin on my uppermost arm, if that makes sense. So maybe 3"x3" or 4"x4" in size.

So here's the deal...
You have two weeks (until midnight Eastern Time December 19th) to send in a skull tattoo design of your own making for Katrina to choose from. The usual submission rules apply.

[UPDATE 12/20/08] The contest is closed and the winners will be announced soon! Thanks to everyone who participated.

I'll post the submissions periodically and at the end of the submission period Katrina will choose her favorites. There's no guarantee that she'll get the winning design (hey, it's gonna be permanent), but if she does, she'll share some photos of the results.

So aside from the potential honor of seeing your art permanently adorned on skin, why enter? PRIZES!!! Katrina is offering several fantastic prizes (see below) to the winner and a few select runners ups. She'll determine who gets what, but the big winner will get first dibs...

Skull wallet from Skull Baby Co.

Skull earrings from Creative Rampage

Goodie bag and coaster from Tie Dyed Monkeys

Skull charm necklace from Mom-0-Matic Automat

Framed print from Uncommon Eye

Plus the grand prize winner will also get a T-skull of their choosing as well!

[UPDATE] A late prize addition...

Notecards from Monkeyshines

So what are you waiting for?!? Send your entries today!


Tatman said...

Great idea! It'll be interesting to see what any real tattoo artists out there submit. Oh hell, all of the submissions will probably be killer.

When I google images for "girly goth day of the dead skull tattoo" this image came up:

Maybe it will help you with some ideas for your ink. What ever you get we'll have to see the final results.

Lotta said...

Whoops - the card was just an image I used. Sadly, I don't have it to give away. But the necklace is awesome. It's Sterling Silver and the skull mouth opens and closes.

Another Limited Rebellion said...

Noted Lotta, I've corrected the entry.

werdo said...

Perhaps you like the ASCII SKULL TATTOO:

K said...

There is one more prize! I found a great set of 2 vintage inspired blank note cards with anatomical skeleton drawings on them! They are quite lovely.