Sunday, December 21, 2008

School On A Sunday

Pausing from the usual Simulacra Sunday to bring you two great skull themed school projects that were inspired by Skull-A-Day:

Stephany Gardiner head of art at the JACK Art club in Kingston upon Thames, (London) England used my papercraft pattern and the work of Damien Hirst for a lesson with 6-11 year olds. She says, "It was one of the most successful lessons we have ever done"!

And Heather Brosman, an art teacher and artist in Rochester, NY, says, "I was so inspired by your work that I did a quick skull project with my 7th grade advisement group for Halloween. McQuaid Jesuit is an all boy school, so I knew it would be a hit!" See more on the process HERE...

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Djouls said...

Excellent work. I love kids limitless imagination.