Friday, February 27, 2009

Junk Drawer Skull

Brandi Sims shared this excellent piece. She says, "My son Alex (11 years old) made it a few days ago. He folded up paper, broke pencils, & got into the tools and the junk drawer to make it."!...


Tatman said...

Nice work, Alex! I especially like the allen wrenches in there. I have about a gazillion of them from past RTA furniture pieces. For some reason I can't seem to throw away a tool. The crazy "wire eye" is great.

Brandi Sims said...

thanks, tatman! i know, we have so many of those wrenches and can't seem to get rid of them.

alex will be so happy to see this up...he just had a birthday this week and has been sick, too. i bet seeing this will make him smile :)

oh, that wire eye is old guitar strings!

Tatman said...

Aaah, now guitar strings are what you would expect from a junk drawer. lol

Tell Alex Happy B-day and to feel better.

Brandi Sims said...

of course!


thanks, i will :)