Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skull Fanatic: Al Frank

Our latest addition to the Skull Fanatic series is regular submitter Al Frank in Texas. In his own words:
"When I was growing up I had access to my Father's collection of 60's horror comic magazines. I think that reading copies of Eerie magazine at the age of 5 is enough to color the perceptions of any youngster. As I grew older I noticed a strange phenomenon; I could see skulls everywhere. In any random stucco, or wood grain I could see skulls. In paint splatters, skulls. In clouds, you guessed it. In the 80's, skull-gear and accessories were pretty hard to come by, but as time went on, especially with ebay now available, I find myself picking up skull stuff. Skull necklaces, drawings, shoes, jacket patches, human and animal skulls, I have them I draw them I see them."

Are you a certified/certifiable Skull Fanatic? If so, send an image or two of your personal skull/skeleton collection and tell us a bit about what makes you so crazy for skulls, how many skulls you own, and whatever else you think is pertinent!


PearsonMetalArt said...

I like the gargoyle guy on the right

Tatman said...

Nice collection. Horror comics at age 5 explains it all, haha. I can't wait to see the other skull fanatics out there.