Friday, July 20, 2012

C-Rations: Έξι 7

This week’s offering is cheese

“Fahrenheit 275 ”, 1.5" x 3", melted cheese on tortilla chips

Monterey C says:

Some say that the true skill of an artist is knowing how to allow the material tell you what it wants to become.  I found that calling to be just the case with this piece. The round shape emerging from a river of melted cheese instantly called out to me.  With strange looks from the next table over I felt a little bit like Richard Dreyfuss a couple of quick shots and then the piece was gone. Sic transit gloria mundi

My weekly offering of original skull designs were posted on Mondays in year 3.0, you can see all of them plus a few more HERE . Knowing the personal pressures of a creating a piece each week, I tip my hat to the massive one-a-day project that was undertaken by The Skullmaster, during the original Skull-A-Day year.

Hopefully you will find some nourishment in my offerings, but if you need more nourishment, you may always Friend me or Follow me in their respective places.

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