Friday, July 27, 2012

Wooden Skull Army

Artist Bruce Tuckey based in Newcastle, UK told us: “I had turned and carved a total of 55 skulls from sycamore and ash wood. The skull army were then assembled to form a sculpture based on Tibetan prayer beads, and are displayed in Elemore woods, Easington, Durham, UK.”

Major C says:

I guess when you can't hire enough skulls to make an army its best that you create enough to cover your shortfall.  I found your final sculpture to be quite interesting in the way that you have displayed it.  It invokes an image of a serpent almost as if you are warning the view with the skull image to lookout for it.  I also find interesting the juxtaposition of deadwood carved into skulls intertwining itself with the live wood of the tree you have positioned it in.  Thank you for sharing this amazing work with us.

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