Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ceramic Jack-O-Lantern Skull

A couple of days ago I used a certain "C" word referring to a holiday that has yet to come this year. Let me step back a bit to get us all prepped for the one of the most favorite holidays of skull lovers, Halloween. Shelley Spranza has sent us this raku fired jack-o'-lantern skull that is sure to put us in the appropriate mood.

This is only one of numerous jack-o-lanterns produced by Shelley. She makes each one by hand so they are as unique as the people who purchase them. Be sure to check out her blog to find more fired up works of scariness, or visit her store to acquire one of your own. Thanks for sharing, Shelley!


Citizen Agent said...

When did you mention Columbus Day?

Tatman said...

LOL! You know I mentioned 'C'ommercial gift giving day.