Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Tempes Fugit" Skull

Monica Pierce repays a friendly favor with this excellent embroidery skull reminding us how time flies. She also included this descriptive note, "I've been working on this embroidered skull for a few months now for a good friend of mine (named, Rad) who helped me with not one, but two websites!" "I wanted it to be as far from modern technology as I could, as a counterpoint (pun intended) to his work with computers, web design, film and photography for the NASA Space Program. I was looking for some inspiration to complete the work and found your site."

What would we have if we didn't have friends? We'd have a lot of lonely skulls out there, who would eventually recognize the common bond and find a friend out there somewhere. Monica shows her thoughtfulness by diverting from Rad's everyday world as much as possible. Rad has a rad friend, and we thank her for sharing her embroidery with us!