Thursday, October 11, 2012

[CONTEST] Win an Urban Hardwear Skull Bottle Stopper

This contest has ended. Thanks again for all of the entries and good luck in our future giveaways.

It's October now, and the fall season is settling in around you. Imagine yourself opening that special bottle of your favorite beverage to share with a friend. Now picture yourself with a totally bad ass skull bottle topper to top off the good times you're having. Now WAKE UP! Your daydream has become a reality courtesy of Tye Lombardi and her Urban Hardwear store.  Feast your eyes on this week's sponsored giveaway prize as well as a discount for everyone to enjoy (read below).

PRIZE INFO: A party perfect skull cast in high density resin and secured to a sleek chrome and steel rubber stopper.  Each piece is cast when ordered so you can choose your skull color (black, silver, gold, or a variety of glittery colors).  There will be 2 winners for this contest so be sure to tell your friends!

Leave a comment below telling us the spookiest drink name you can think of.  Alcoholic or non, it doesn't matter, just try to top me and my "Screaming Banshee" if you dare.

If you win, we need to contact you. With your comment, please include your email, or make sure your Blogger profile has a working email link for you on it. Entries are only valid with this information.

WHERE TO ENTER: All entries must be made on this blog post, on You can NOT enter this contest by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

11:59:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time Wednesday, October 17th


This contest is only open to residents of the U.S.A. and Canada. Sorry, international folks, there will be other giveaways to include you soon.

IF YOU DON'T WIN: You can always make yourself feel like a winner by purchasing your own bottle topper or other product from the Urban Hardwear store. Right now you can also receive 10% off any purchases by using the promo code "BONEHEAD".  Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Tye!

p.s.- Happy 10/11/12 to all of you who write the date this way.  -Tatman


Dr. M said...

I found this recipe for "Zombie Waltz at Midnight" over at

2 oz. Hpnotiq
2 oz. Schnapps, butterscotch
1/2 can 7-up
1 oz. Lime Juice

It sounds horrifying.

simona said...

hello! this is my entry
hope this is scary enough for you ;)

Chris Bosley said...

Soylent Green, of course.

It's people...Soylent Green is made out of people!

Soylent Green is people!!!

Unknown said...

Flaming abortion shots: Fill shotglass 3/4 with peach schnapps, float bailey's on top, drop spoon of grenadine through bailey's to make the bloody "fetus, then pour rum on top and set on fire.

Roger Ramjet said...

I like Corpse Reviver, zombies in the making!

Contact info:

David Geva said...

the silent clown

Tiki said...
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Tiki said...

Satan's Blood:

1 oz. Jack Daniel's
1 oz. Bourbon (Jim Beam)
1 oz. Jägermeister
1 splash Grenadine

hogo said...

I know it's just soda but...gasp!

Kali said...

Vengeful Divorcée:

1 part Fresca
1 part box wine
add 1 oz. absinthe

Cin said...

hehe... here's a recipe for a
"Skull F*@k"
3 parts white wine
3 parts 7 up
1 part spiced rum
2 parts white rum
Not only is the name revolting, but the drink sounds revolting too!

Anonymous said...

Goblin Guts!

Red wine with gummy worms.

Unknown said...

Bloody Screwdriver

Blood Orange Juice

Simple, sweet, and sacrilicious!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Morgue-osa! Champagne and black licorice extract. A blend for the brave.

cemetery girl said...

I the the Brain Hemorrhage is the grossest looking drink I have seen.

1 ounce peach schnapps
1 teaspoon Baileys Irish Cream
2 drops grenadine

Pour schnapps into shot glass. Slowly pour in the Baileys Irish Cream. Do not mix! After the cream clumps together add grenadine over the brain. Devour

dolores said...

Ummm....I don't know real drink names but how about Skullade?:)

E said...

In colonial times you could get "cracked" on Rattle-Skull. Then - a mix of brandy, rum, wine, and porter add lime-peel and nutmeg - Today you can find the recipe with brandy, lime and sour apple.

Alcohol is good for the BONES!

Unknown said...

Corpse Revivier!!

My email is

amiller said...

How about the "Tape Worm"

Shot of Tequila
Squirt of mayo

Hushgirl said...

The Axe Murderer
1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Southern Comfort
1 oz. Light Rum
1 oz. Tequila (clear)
1 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec
Splash of 7-up
1/2 oz. Grenadine
Fill with Pineapple Juice
Combine ingredients in a Collins glass. Serve with a straw.

Anonymous said...

Soul rapper:
1 Serrano Chile dividend in 4 in the long side, Salt, Lemmon in a Tequila glass.
Fill with white tequila.
Fire on the tequila.
Wait until its cold and survive to 3 of this

phil11 said...

Grim Reaper

cranberry juice
slice of lemon

seaswirl said...

Shrunken Head Punch!
- wine or apple cider(with alcohol)
-dried small apples

Unknown said...

Freezy Haemo-goblin

Roselunatic said...

maybe its me but i cannot find this product in that store you mentioned..

Aledra said...

Fried Zombie

Unknown said...

The bloody maggot......thinking Bout what could actually make it.

grenadine, baileys,

ragamonster said...

Ghost in the Graveyard

Serves 1
2 ounces black vodka
2 ounces creme de cacao or coffee-flavored liqueur
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Pinch of finely grated nutmeg, for garnish

thorson said...

Zombie Decay

1 jigger Bailey's® Irish cream
1 jigger lime juice

wicKED said...

This is from my Blogs Halloween Recipes lists.

This is a frozen drink that will actually glow under a black light. I mix mine in a frozen drink mixer that had a setting for “icy drinks” which makes it very smooth (Walmart $26 bucks). It has a max capacity of 48 ounces (6cups). The cool thing about this drink is it tastes really great and it is low cal. What a deal!

4 cups of ice cubes (by volume not weight)
1/2 package of Great Value Lime Margarita drink mix
1 lime juiced
Lime Vodka (your choice)
Tonic Water

Put the 4 cups of ice in the drink mixer. Next add your half package of drink mix and lime juice in. Then pour your lime vodka in till it is up to the 2 cup mark (1/3 of the blender). Don’t panic! I did not just tell you to put 2 cups of vodka in it. The ice displaces most of it so you end up with about 4 good shots. Now you want to top it off with tonic water (which makes it glow). Take it right up to the 6 cup mark (max fill line). Blend until smooth. Serve in a clear skull mug or margarita glass and make sure you have ample black lights around for your guest to enjoy the glow!

Contact me at

Michal Karmazon said...

Car battery acid. It's done all over the world. It's a big problem in Poland, where I come from, where bums who are already black out drunk will drink it. Surprising number of them survive.

dx said...

Bloody Brain Flame
Fill shotglass 3/4 with Vodka, pour bailey's down a rod so that it balls-up (looks like a floating brain) in the shot, drop spoon of grenadine on the brain (blood), then pour rum on top and set on fire.

Anonymous said...

Voodoo Curse

the ingredient possibilities are endless....

Tatman said...

To G and all others who might be curious, there are more bottle stoppers available in the Etsy store now. Thanks!

Urban Hardwear said...

Hey guys, sorry for the confusion! I ran out of bottle stoppers about half way through the contest but we are fully stocked back up with materials and I'm all ready to make them again!
Thanks for the heads up!

Urban Hardwear