Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gorilla Skull

This gorgeous gorilla skull painting is acrylic on canvas and courtesy of Andy Stonefield. He included this wonderful background story.  "Those in the Milwaukee area may be aware of a famous gorilla named 'Sampson' that lived at the local zoo. When the poor chap died at an old age, they preserved his skeleton and created an award winning taxidermy of his likeness in life as well, both of which are on display at the MKE Public Museum."

Behold the magnificent beast in it's rawest form! Gorillas are the juggernauts of the ape world and even just their skulls are obvious symbols of power. The menacing brow still protruding as if he were defying death by showing a sign of life.  Thanks for showing us that Sampson is far from dead, Andy.

“Countdown To Halloween”
8 more days and counting...

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