Monday, January 13, 2014

Stencil Wooden Skull

Nils Westergard created this skull using a stencil on wood. Nils is a street artist, who normally works in large scale. He creates stencils ahead of time, which he uses to mask areas while spraying around them. Want to try using a stencil yourself? Noah has 9. Stencil Skull, 232. Stylized Stencil Skull, 319. Two-Part Stencil Skull, and Laughing Skull available for your use. Don't forget to submit to us what you create using any of the Free Stuff, and we'll likely share it. You can find more of Nils' work on his Website, Flickr, and Facebook.

1 comment:

StryderLee: edupunk said...

A powerful piece that gives the skull surprising depth as if another dimension opens up in the surface of wood.