Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A.O.M. D.O.D. Skulls

Kim DiLoreto from Medford Lakes, NJ is obviously a fan of skulls(and our site, thanks), BUUUT she also contributes to the Art-O-Mat world of vending machine dispensed art. These Day of the Dead skull paintings are made for the machines, and whoever is lucky enough to enjoy them. She was nice enough to include an awesome pic featuring a multitude of these blockheads so that we could enjoy seeing all of them. Thanks for sharing these with us, Kim!


philleezrule said...

Those are amazing!

Kimberly ! said...

Hi, and Thanks so much Skull-A-Day for showing my Art-o-Mats! The link to my facebook page has changed since this posted - here's the new link for anyone interested: www.facebook.com/TheArtfulDead.