Thursday, May 8, 2014

Huichol Skull

Jake Maughan recently finished his 1st Huichol Skull. He explained "We saw this beautiful artwork in Mexico and it was one of the few things that we could not barter on. I decided I would save several hundred dollars and make it myself. It is done by covering something in Beeswax and then pushing seed beads into the wax with a needle, one at a time. In the end it took 4 months, and approximately 25,000 seed beads to complete." A Huichol Skull is on my art collection list. Because it takes so long to make one, they are expensive to purchase. I appreciate that Jake took the time to do this correctly and learned a new craft.

We want to share your skull art! Be a part of the Skull-A-Day project. Details are HERE

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