Monday, July 16, 2007

43. Chalk Skulls

Chalk on sidewalk, various streets SOHO, NYC. If the amount of black spots on the sidewalks is any evidence New Yorkers chew a lot of gum.


Anonymous said...

And with 34 minutes to spare!

You had me worried that you might actually miss-a-day.

You know, if one skull, just one skull is drawn people may think someone is really sick and walk on. And if two skulls, two skull were drawn on the same sidewalk,
they may think someone is really sick and they will keep walking.
And three skulls were drawn, three, can you imagine, three skulls drawn on the same block. Someone may think it's an organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty skulls drawn in a city a day,I said
fifty skulls being drawn on different blocks each day. And friends someone may think it's a movement.

And that is what it is!

Kim said...

Ooh! Skull club!

What's the first rule of Skull Club?

Anonymous said...

so how do u submit skull pix..

I created in illustrator..

sexy toy skull...¤t=sextoy_skull_dildo.gif

Tatman said...

Count me in on the fifty skulls crew. I wanna be part of the skull-a-day movement. I'm gong out to draw some on the sidewalk right now.

Noah said...

Bring em on! (just please don't get arrested on my account) Pix can be sent to skull AT

Jennifer Luxmoore said...

You're creating an Army!!! A Skull Army!! NYC better watch out!

Kim said...

And Sydney, Australia, too!

I've already seen graffiti skulls and Donnie Darko Franks all over the place in Katoomba. (Although I don't condone graffiti, it was very cool, my friends were very excited to point them out to me!)

batgrrlnyc said...

OMG I hadn't seen this post yet, and I phone-mailed you a pic of one of these same skulls about an hour ago.