Friday, July 13, 2007

Braincase (Suggestion Box part 6)

Wow, tons of great stuff has been sent in from all over the place! So much that I've decided that "Suggestion Box" doesn't fit these entries anymore so I'm trying out "Braincase". First a question...

Heymaniac asks "Why Skulls?": A. Why not! B. I've been pretty much obsessed with skull and skeleton imagery since I was a kid. C. They remind me of the brevity of life. D. All of The Above.
Now that that's cleared up let's dive in to the submissions (click on the images to enlarge)...

Michael found this creepy skull when cleaning out a paint tray (if you're wondering, the color is "chilled lemonade").

Kim made these lovely ASCII skulls using this site.

Xaq Fixx hand painted this boot.

The mysterious "C" sent in this poster mash-up (I swear I really don't know who "C" is!).

DaRkNeSS DeMoN used the skull stencil on a PC case!

Andréa-Ja sent this photo all the way from Auckland New Zealand!

A suggestion from Grá, "Oh, you gotta make a rag-weave skull (like in a rag rug.)"

W (possibly Vincent) sent Origami Skull instructions!
A big thanks to you all!
And of course thanks to everyone for linking here!

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Unknown said...

My girlfriend was inspired by your blog and created this skull out of plastic clothes hangers.