Thursday, July 26, 2007

53. Bar of Skull

Carved bar of Soap. The last time I tried carving soap I was a teenager and I cut deeply into one of my fingers, I still have the scar. I was nervous that would happen again, but happily this one was injury free.


Anonymous said...

Has prison taught you nothing?

Everyone knows that a little black shoe polish can accent the design and make it look like the real thing.

Keep it clean boys!

Anonymous said...

Must have been thinking about carving because there were too many SLASHES!

Keep it Clean boys!

Monster-Maniac said...

Creepy. What are you gonna do with it now? :)

Noah said...

I guess I'll save it for the next time I need to clean up some blood.

Angryblue said...

check out

too many skulls for comfort! =)

ROCKDOVE said...

i did this for a school project once