Wednesday, June 25, 2008

[BONUS] Stenciled Jeans

Eris did a fine job using my Stylized Stencil Skull on a pair of jeans! She says, "My intention was to use bleach and then color the skull in. As you can see, it bled and dripped a lot, as I have never tried this before. I tried to adjust the design and just give my little skully some dancing legs but it's not quite what I was hoping for. I don't mind, I still wear them lots and am looking forward to trying again!"


Ragnar said...

Note for Eris and anyone else who might want to try this. They make a thickened bleach specifically for this application, it's called "discharge paste" or something similar. I know you can get it through Dharma Trading Company, but any company that deals with fiber art supplies should carry it.

Tatman said...

Nice work, Eris. I see some flames on the other leg. Those must be some pretty killer jeans.

Great tip, ragnar.

The Wife said...

Good tip, ragnar! I definitely want to try the bleach stencil technique again.

Tatman, yep, I did flames along the cuff of the other leg and some on one pocket on the back. I recolor it all now and again.