Saturday, June 28, 2008

Veggie Skull winner #5

Congratulations to Christiane in Switzerland who is the fifth winner in the Veggie Skull contest! She made this fantastic skull out of strips of zucchini (courgette for those of you in the UK):

A variation:

Two days later:


Jerome said...

For the record, zucchini is also technically a fruit.

This is a very inventive way of using it, nonetheless! Well done!

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Not to nitpick, but it is spelled courgette! We like our extra u's over here in the land of honour... :)

Unknown said...

I hope never to find some zuchetti or tomato in a fruit salad or bircher muesli because some cook goes by the botanical definition :-)

@jessica: is there a beautiful welsh term for vegetable?

@noah: thanks for choosing my skull!

Noah said...

Jerome: Yeah I thought about mentioning it, but figured once on the tomato post was enough!
Jessica: Thanks, it's fixed now.
Christiane: You're welcome!