Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome to Skull-A-Day 2.0

Well, I've made my year of skulls and now it's your turn! I'll be posting the most creative submissions once a day for at least the next six months and then who knows what will happen!

Don't forget to check out the submissions guidelines HERE before sending anything in.

Also keep your eyes peeled for periodic updates on some of my own skulls that have been quietly aging on my shelves!

AND stay tuned for some skull making contests (with prizes!) in the near future.

Thanks for sticking around!

p.s. Please feel free to comment on the submitted works, but play nice in my sandbox. Encouraging words are always appreciated, but criticism is unnecessary here, this isn't school or work, it's play!


Captain Zeros said...

I insist you make a quarter of a skull to celebrate our oh-so inaccurate 365 day calendar year.

That being said, I enjoyed this project very much, and I wish more people took on interesting things as you did. Thank you for Skulladay.

Djouls said...

Man, congratulations.
You achieved a project that most of us would never have been able to achieve.
I can't even update my blog every day man ;)
365 days, that's a lot ! Your ideas and creations always blew me away. Thanks man. Get some rest now :)

Vive Skulladay !

Joseph Chiang said...

Skulladay has been such an inspiration for everyone. Thanks Noah!

Sarah said...

this has been quite a ride!

thank you for all your hard work

katillac deVille said...

You can has holiday nao? :p

Kieran said...

Congrats Noah, and thanks for everything. It's been a pretty wild ride.

Get that book deal!

sara said...
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KouAmber said...

HI! I come from Taiwan

I love skull so much

The Utube is my 3D homework

Hope U like


44chicken said...

Wow! Lots of talent here! If you'd like to see a bunch o' my skully art you can see me at http://www.etsy.com/shop/44chicken ....My shop is named Already Daed and I LOOOOVE skulls! Can't wait to see some more from you guys!

44chicken said...

I have no idea how to leave a pic here...if someone could add a skull pic from my etsy site for me I would greatly appreciate it!

Noah said...

Shayna, the submission instructions are HERE

LORI said...

Wow - I just found your site. I love skulls! I just started painting Candy Skulls inspired by the traditions from El Dia De Los Muertos. I've also made some jewellery with skull beads - fun!!

Funboy said...

Respect guys!