Friday, April 3, 2009

New Skull-A-Day Notebooks from Modofly!

The fine folks at Modofy, who previously brought you the lovely laser-cut Moleskine notebooks have just relaunched their site, with a ton of great new products, including four Skull-A-Day designs! The new notebooks have full-color printed fabric covers that feature wraparound art from dozens of amazing artists. Of course I would hope you'd consider buying one (or more) or my designs, but really all of the books are great and the money goes to help a small business stay afloat and of course a portion goes to the artists as well!

You can check out my four current designs here (front and back art shown):

Camo Pattern

Tesselated Pattern



Here's what the finished notebooks (from some of the other artists) look like...


Tatman said...
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Tatman said...

I lost my camo pattern notebook when I dropped it in the woods. Can I get another one?

Gaytha said...

I've been diggin'on the laser-cut ones.

Troublefarren said...

I really want one I've got a plain black one that i use for blue prints