Monday, April 6, 2009

One upon a time...

Just wanted to point out that thanks to the hard work of the site's anonymous benefactor Citizen Agent you now have a way to look at all of the original skulls in this project without digging through the archives! He's made three pages of links which encompass all original 365.25 skulls, plus an additional page for the new skulls that have been coming up periodically. The links are below, but they can also now be found in the sidebar under "about". I hope this gives the new fans of the site a chance to get caught up and older fans a chance to revisit their favorites.

SKULLS 1-122
SKULLS 123-244
SKULLS 245-365.25
BONUS SKULLS 366 and counting


Tatman said...

Excellent work! I hope everyone finds these as useful as I do.

PearsonMetalArt said...

Great idea. I enjoy going back through all the skulls and finding some I forgot about and the clever comments that I may have missed at the time.