Monday, April 6, 2009

Death Mask Skull

Andrew Schrock from DC/Richmond, VA says, "I was inspired by your site and began my own ' ___ a Day' escapade a while back but have only published it recently (aDeathMaskaDay). I've created one of my Death Masks as a reaction to Skull-a-Day, I hope you enjoy it!" He even kindly gave me this mask for my personal collection, so an extra thanks to Andrew! Be sure to check out his daily Death Masks HERE.


Tatman said...

It looks like the "Thing" went to a Gwar concert.

Andrew Schrock said...

@ Tatman: true true, I've also gotten "a cotton candy'd Skeletor" for that particular one. haha

Tatman said...

I totally see that also. "By the sweet tooth of Greyskull!"