Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[CONTEST] Nominate Your Favorite Skulls...

Hey folks you've got just one more week to nominate your favorite Original 365.25 Skulls for inclusion in the upcoming Skull-A-Day 3.0!

[UPDATE: The contest is over, congratulations to Larry Pearson who was the randomly selected winner of the prize!]

Take a quick refresher through the original posts (1-122, 123-244, 245-365.25) and then name your three favorites in a comment below. The top 52 will then be featured once a week over the course of the third year of the project.

To sweeten the pot I'll even give away one of my limited edition prints to a randomly selected commenter!

You've got until Midnight, May 26th so don't delay!

p.s. And don't worry, if you already listed your favorites on the previous post about this you'll still be entered into the drawing!


Unknown said...

i loved having an excuse to go through all of the original skulls and see each of them (some for the very first time)! but it was extraordinarily difficult to narrow it down to just 3. i have however prevailed:

46. Soy Sauce Skull253. Skull Bag281. Kneaded Eraskull

Britt said...

Aah, the memories!My favorites are:
129. Skull of Bones
267. Skull-brite
310. Googly Eye Skull (actually, this is my all time favorite skull)


MBirch said...

the skull sushi roll is by far my favorite

Kelly said...

First of all, just want to say, I adore the blog. You are quite dedicated, to say the least. My picks are 20. Eat Your Vegetables Skull, 250. Crosskull Puzzle, and 365. Birthday Skull.

Zoe said...

11. Found Metal Skull
29. Shadow (of a doubt) Skull
140. Body Skull

Kanibal said...

#147 Cork Skull
#310 Googly eye skull
#250 Cross Skull Puzzle...

Phil said...

I loved going through the old list. Some great ones that I forgot about.

My three nominations

30. 45 minutes of cartoon skull
237. Plumber's Skull
330. Bent Objects Skull

Anonymous said...

Ok, got my three:

36. The Skoon
72. Papercraft Skull (I actually did this at work and have it on my bookshelf.)
169. Apartment Greyskull (I'd love to meet the designer of this house.)


Jennifer said...

258. Cross-Stitch Skull

I'm a sucker for cross stitch
check out my stuff at

shawnzerker said...

Where Can I find skull-a-day 1? Was their a 1?Ma top 3 are #3Rorschach Skull,#2Obsessive Compulsive Skull,(Witch I plain to paint somday).And #1 Secret Skull Wallpaper.(I plain to do the walls of my love nest with)!! Cant wait for 3.0

Noah said...

Skull-A-Day 1.0 was the site in its first year, which is basically all of the posts from June 4th, 2007 to June 2nd, 2008. Skull-A-Day 2.0 started on June 3rd, 2008 and runs til, June 2nd, 2009, the header of the site was changed to reflect the second year, but it is still the same site. Skull-A-Day 3.0 (with a new header) will begin on June 3rd, 2009.

Tatman said...

These are all great choices. And yes, 3.0 is gonna rock!

Ruuki said...

Well, I love that one there you are holding in the picture. I even had it as my desktop wallpaper for a while. :)

Regina Harris said...

many choices,