Monday, May 18, 2009

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Shawn S. who is the official winner of the Skullvenger Hunt and will be getting a skull lamp in the mail soon! Four additional randomly chosen folks will be getting signed bookplates as well. Winners will be notified by e-mail so keep an eye on your inbox.

And in case you're wondering here are the correct answers:

1. "Oh, my god, Becky, look at her skull." = #3 Sir-Skull-A-Day
2. Your psychiatrist may help you find this one. = 24. (A Sense of) Closure Skull
3. Your spork is afraid of this guy. = 25. Introducing The Skoon (skull + spoon)
4. This was cut, not burned, like it usually is. = 36. CD-R Skull
5. This must represent an evil idea. = 45. Skull Bulb
6. A doctor's recommendation for your daily skull fix. = 64. Take Two Skulls...
7. "Hello, front desk? I think my room here in Winston-Salem is haunted!" = 77. Skull Sheet
8. This is the center window piece in the Skull-A-Day cathedral. = 126. Stained Glass Skull
9. This one had plenty of cushion for his brain during shipping. = 133. Bubble Wrap Skull
10. We expected a new skull everyday from Noah, but this was the only one that was expecting. = 146. Baby Belly Skull(y)
11. Holy Guacomole! This skull is ripe! = 179. Avocado Skull
12. Take "note", Noah didn't draw this one, he erased it. = 188. (Back To) Skull Notebook
13. Your dentist's worst nightmare. = 197. Tooth Skull A.K.A. Cavity Creep
14. This skull makes the most cents. = 200. Two Dollar Skull
15. Don't ask this skull any questions. It won't be able to tell you. = 207. Stump(ed) Skull
16. From Florida to Idaho, the "views" of this skull are masterful. = 219. Skull-Master
17. "I don't know, Doc, personally all I see are skulls." = 222. Rorshach Skull
18. The ingredients caused this skull to rise to life. = 241. Skull Bread A.K.A. Night of The Living Bread
19. This skull could pass through the eye of a needle easier than a camel anytime. = 260. Thread(ed) Skull
20. All the links forged in life are used to make this skull. = 267. Skull Chain (Gang)
21. Noah took his time to put some loyal readers on the map. = 268. Skull Island
22. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? = 302. (Who Watches The) Watch Skull (?)
23. See inside the mind of the Skull-A-Day creator. = 329. Skull-Ray
24. Circles of light, shaded right, captured out of focus. = 346. Bokeh Skull
25. You get a "raw" deal if you order this skull to GoGo. = 352. Skull Roll

Thanks again to everyone who sent in answers and to Justin AKA Tatman for writing all of the clues and donating the lamp as the prize! Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways soon!

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