Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Firefighter Skull

Bart De Keyzer is here representing his 3rd Floor designs which include this outstanding firefighter skull. A great representation about how the boyhood dreams of many can literally end in flames.

Rough, rugged, and brave,
Facing the fiery breath of,
Their inner demons.

Firefighters are a different breed for sure.  Risking life and limb to save those in peril brings about daily consequence.  The skull is a fitting figure since the brave men and women who perform this public service see their fair share of tragedy as well.  Let's take this moment to appreciate the skulls of all of those out there who don't think twice to look death in the face for the sake of saving another.  Thanks for the great submission, Bart!

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Prints and more are available at http://society6.com/BartDeKeyzer