Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leather Skull Bags

Brian Griffin of Griffin Leather creates remarkable skull purses out of leather. They are the same size as a human skull. He uses a special process he developed to sculpt the leather.

These skull purses are beautifully crafted. Though I am familiar with Brian's work, I'm in awe of his skull purses every time I see them. I own several unusual hand crafted purses, but either of these would be the star of my collection. They are very realistic and always make me think of "Silence of the Lambs", where Buffalo Bill is making human leather for a "real girl suit". Granted, this is far less gruesome, and a beautiful sort of creepy.


Captain Morgan said...

One can't help but think of the Metalocaplypse episode with the German fashion designer and his "special leather." Bummer I'm not a girl, I'd totally use one of those.

Heidi S said...

Wow..... Just wow!!