Sunday, April 1, 2012

March for Skulls! (April Fools 2012!)

After a successful event last year here in Richmond, Virginia we've decided it's time to go bigger with our campaign to have the skull receive it's proper recognition: with an official designation of Skull Appreciation Day as a national holiday!

And what better to way to get the attention we need for our cause than a march on Washington DC!?

Artist Rendering

Considering that 100% of the people in this country have a skull we think it's a no-brainer and we're sure to get a million or more people marching around the Downtown Mall shouting "Whose Skulls? Our Skulls!"

We've tentatively set the date for a year from today on April 1, 2013 so we have the proper time to work out all of the specifics. In the meantime we hope you'll mark your calendar and plan to attend.

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We are planning to produce some official signs that people can use while they are there (see above example), but we'd love to get your suggestions for what slogans to put on them. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and we'll choose our favorites to produce!

And we hope to see you all in Washington next year!

[UPDATE] APRIL FOOLS! Sorry, no march on Washington (or anywhere else) is in the works, but we hope you'll still celebrate your own Skull Appreciation Day this June 4th wherever you are. Us? We'll be at Philadelphia's Mütter Museum this year with an all day celebration/art exhibition! If you're in/near the area I hope you'll join us that day. More details soon. 

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Melissa said...

Keep the Government out of my Skull!