Monday, May 7, 2012

Chakra Skull

Jon MDC is back again with another great skull piece. He says, "My site MDC Industries has a pretty comprehensive documentation of my art based obsession with all things skull, there are a number of step by step progression shots of this piece if anyone is interested in my process."

Immediately when I saw this piece, I thought of a map of Chakras. Though the color and symbol where the upward triangle is protruding from, should be blue and a lotus blossom, it was just the 1st thought that crossed my mind. In regards to being able to see the step by step process of creating, I always love seeing the creation process of artwork. The final pieces is beautiful and intriguing to see, but the process of how the artist gets to this point is always more interesting to me. From what inspires the artist, to seeing the layers of medium and creation techniques, it's all inspiring and mesmerizing.

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