Friday, May 18, 2012

Real and Imagined Skulls

Designer Jim Marson from Minnesota sent us a pair of skulls for today.

First up is a Skullman that Jim assisted with creating.

Next is an imagined monument possibly influenced by the Skullmaster's 116. Grid Skull. Jim didn't offer what it would be commemorating so perhaps it is for June 4th.

Twin C says:

Thank you for sharing these wonderful works with us. Your skullman and his buddy really stand with their heads up proudly. Also I couldn't help but notice a simulacra in the windows/balcony behind the smiling pair. I love the concept of having a large skull monument out there in a city square. However, The Black Prince may not be so willing to share the space- let me offer you another placement- how about along Monument Ave. in the Skullmaster's hometown.

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