Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Still Waters" Skull

"AAAAARRRGGHHH!!!" I had to start off this post with a hearty pirate yell in supreme approval of the enchanted skull paintings submitted by Kay Larch.  Kay covers a lot of subjects from briny deep to the colorful afterlife.

The first piece makes this Trusty Shellback of the U.S. Navy (yes, I have my plaque and card) harken back to days on the ocean and the iconography of the Navy, and the life at sea.  I still love those styles and Kay's painting style adds a whole new effect of stained glass or tile, which is another favorite of mine.  Plus, that octopus is pretty badass, too!  Kudos for the great work, Kay! 

1 comment:

Kay Larch said...

Just came home from a road trip and discovered my art on Skull a Day! Thanks so much for choosing my entries for your amazing site!