Thursday, December 6, 2012

[BONUS] Student Skulls

One of my favorite things is knowing the positive influence my original Skull-A-Day project has had on young people and I recently had another opportunity to do discover that this week at Douglas S. Freeman high school here in Richmond, Virginia.

At the request of art teacher Rebecca Field and her student teacher Meghan Sadler I gave a talk to a group of art students, many of whom are in the midst of their own daily art project inspired by my own. At the end of my talk I was kindly gifted this lovely collection of skull pieces that they made as part of their projects!

Only one piece didn't make it home with me, a real carved potato!

Skulls by: Charlie, Grace, Mikayla, Marqel, Connor, Karolina, Victoria, Olivia, Rob, Turner, Matthew, Laura, Michael, Everardo, Rachel, Anne, Peyton, Katharine, Carly, and Amy.

Thanks again to the students for their enthusiasm and great questions.

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