Friday, December 21, 2012

Illustrated Skull

Denver, CO artist P78 of Thicket & Brush shared one of the pieces of his recent semi-daily work with us. 

He wrote: "I been plunking away at art for many years now and recently started working on sugar-type skulls (and, in fact, started out trying to draw one a day but... too much detail! Can only finish one every day or two). And then I found you!  I gotta say your site is flush with inspiration -
glad you folks are doing what you do."

Strung C says:

Thank you for finding us, you have an interesting style to your work and I really enjoy the range of colors and shapes you work with in creating your skulls.  Keep up the pace with your regular (daily) work, it is always nice to know that we have the power to inspire, and now you  have the pleasure of sharing your power with the next artist out there that finds the site.

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